Used Parts & Conversion Kits

usedWe can obtain used Porsche parts from USA salvage yards. Everything from body panels, interior parts, trans-axles, engines and engine parts to suspension and wheels. NOTE: most parts will fit RHD and LHD cars, however specific RHD parts can also be sourced from UK (dash and pedal box parts, etc). Expect used parts to fetch more than 1/2 the new parts value. With the every increasing demand for early cars the used parts market pricing has increased substantially over the last 5 years.

3.6 motor / with shortened G50

enquire-badgeWe can also provide full conversion kits for 3.2 and 3.6 911. This can include the engine and trans-axle if required. Conversion kits may include, speedo, ECU, wiring harnesses, adapter parts, shortened rebuilt G50 trans axles, custom flywheel and clutches, throttle cables, hydraulic clutch conversion parts, shifters, pedal boxes, custom engine tin and, of course, SUPPORT.